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When it comes to styling Sarah is the go-to expert. With her keen eye for fashion and her love of beautiful coastal landscapes, she knows exactly how to create the perfect outfit for those fresh, bright days. 
Sarah often embodies the philosophy that less is indeed more, advocating for investing in pieces that stand the test of time.
On clear, crisp, cold but sunny days, nature's natural beauty truly shines. To complement bright sky surroundings, Sarah suggests embracing vibrant colours in your outfit. Opt for bold shades like scarlet red, jungle green or deep navy from &Daughter. These colours will not only make you stand out but also reflect the joyful atmosphere of sunny days.
For a seamless and sophisticated look this season, consider pairing bold bright knitwear with your favourite Paige denim jeans, complemented with a  statement bag, and comfortable, but on trend trainers.  

''Effortless fashion is a true beauty, and it's a skill we're eager to help everyone embrace''

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