Mr Mittens Lace Jumper Chunky Wool in Green


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Mr Mittens

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This Mr Mittens chunky wool jumper is a real statement piece. Mr Mittens knits are made by a community of knitters in Peru and are all sustainably and fairly produced. This oversized style jumper features chunky lace detail on the sleeves, a high roll neck and oversized sleeves. A stunning handmade jumper that you will treasure forever!
100% Wool.
Hand wash.
Mr Mittens wool and cotton doesn’t need to be washed as often as other fibres, as it’s naturally odour-resistant, stain-resistant, and bounces back to its original shape after resting. So after wearing, let your wool have some down-time before taking it out again for a spin.
Remove the pills or bobbles from your wool garments with our wool.