&Daughter Mila Tie Dye Crew Neck




An effortless and quirky crew neck made from 100% Scottish-spun lambswool, reimagined with a 70’s tie-dye print. The beautiful colours are made with cultivated and wild dye plants. Due to the botanical hand dye process, each knit is unique it its pattern.
Made in Donegal, Ireland by the traditional knitting process of fully fashioning, each piece of this garment is knitted separately and then linked together by hand.
100% Lambswool.
How to care for Mila: The beautiful and natural colours will last well if taken care off. Only wash by hand separately in cool water using an environmentally safe wool or delicate laundry detergent and gentle conditioner. Dry flat and out of direct sunlight.
For the initial few wears, there may be some colour rub off. Better still you can hand wash before wearing for the first time to be sure, as some dye may remain from the tie-dye process. Store out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.
With care the colour will last for decades, gradually getting a little paler over time but will remain the same beautiful and natural shades.