Masscob was created in 2003 by husband and wife duo Marga Massanet and Jacob Cobain. Masscob is known for creating vintage-inspired, feminine dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts and more to create sophisticated and trans-seasonal looks. The couple’s key is ‘Harmony’.. transforming something simple into something special.






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  • Masscob Moriani Dress in Black

  • Masscob Arinella Dress in Scarlet

  • Masscob Dune Top in Rose

  • Masscob Moriani Dress in Straw

  • Masscob Piana Top in Straw

  • Masscob Corniche Shirt in Aqua

  • Masscob Gallura Dress in Mauve

  • Masscob Louvans Dress in Aqua

  • Masscob Pomena Top in Curry

  • Masscob Vernette Dress in Hazel

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    Masscob Arvin Pants in Almond

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    Masscob Atalaia Dress in Lemon

    £470.00 £150.00