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Cashmere Care Guide
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Cashmere Care Guide

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Cashmere Care

The feeling of super-soft cashmere is one of life's luxuries. Looking after and caring for your cashmere properly will ensure it lasts through to the next season, and the next. If you've invested in cashmere knitwear pieces from the Twenty Petworth Store such as Bella Freud, 360 Cashmere or Arch4 you will need to consider how to look after them. Read on to see how to keep your cashmere jumper looking as immaculate as the first day it arrived, wrapped up in a that extra special Twenty box!



 Pure cashmere is a fragile fibre, to clean your cashmere garments you should hand wash in lukewarm water or machine wash at a hand wash setting. Ignore any dry clean only labels, the harsh chemicals can actually reduce the lifespan of your much beloved sweater. Use a very mild shampoo such as Johnson & Johnson or a specially formulated wool detergent such as Kair laundry wash, delicately scented with cedar wood to keep moths at bay.

Kair laundry Wash



As tempting as it can be, never wring out your cashmere garments:

1. Wrap in a towel to remove excess water.
2. Reshape the item by hand on a clean towel.
3. Leave to dry, keeping away from heat or light sources.



Once thoroughly dry, you can gently use a pilling comb or brush if needed. Your garment should then always be folded rather than hung and placed in a draw with some cedar balls such as these from Atlantic Folk.

Atlantic Folk


"Cashmere is an investment wardrobe piece so care for it well to keep it looking like new''